Miriyabedda Tea EstateKoslanda, Uva District, Sri Lanka

Hello, World!

Wednesday 29th October 2014

At around 07:15am families were readying themselves for work, and children were making their way to school. The rain was coming down heavy, when a faint rumble could be heard; almost immediately the hillside gave way, dislodging tonnes of soil and rock.

In just 5 minutes the landslide had destroyed everything in it's path for 2km. 

Thirty-Seven people lost their lives, with only 13 bodies recovered; homes and livelihoods had been destroyed.

A decade ago the people of the Tea Estate were warned that slope failure was inevitable, but with no other option to relocate, they stayed.

This short film is a testament to the fortitude of those that survived, and to those that are rebuilding their lives after this tragedy, often highlighting their desperate struggle to forge a living in such a hazardous and vulnerable environment.