In the village of Ongi, Uttarkashi district, Oxfam programme officer, Narshi Bhimani visits Sundri Devi (95)

Oxfam India - Uttarakhand Cloud Burst and Flood Response Programme

Nepal Earthquake

Akhtar, like many young men from the area, migrated to India for better work opportunities, made all the more easier with the bilateral agreement where by the citizens of both countries do not require a visa. Working in a restaurant in Delhi for the past 3years, Akhtar earns a meagre salary but more than he would earn if he worked locally on the terraces or in the nearby town of Gorkha.

On the day of the earthquake Akhtar discovered what happened through social media.

“I tried to call home immediately but the line was always busy”

After a desperate 2 days trying to reach his family he gets through, and to his relief discovers that no one was hurt.

“I left for home as soon as I could, firstly it was a 12hr night bus to the border with Nepal, and then another 18hrs to get home, there was so much traffic leaving the country”

When he arrived home he could see that people were living on the roadside under tarpaulin sheets, and had little food.

“Coming home was upsetting, especially seeing what was left of the family home”

“The support that [you] have provided here has been really helpful, especially the additional tarpaulin”

Akhtar - Oxfam Beneficiary, Gorkha, Nepal

Christian Aid - Earthquake Response Programme

Christian Aid - Earthquake Response Programme

Public Health Volunteer - Anil Chandra

Oxfam India - Uttarakhand Cloud Burst and Flood Response Programme