Sam Spickett is a multimedia and communications advisor to the humanitarian sector where he has developed his skills and knowledge through organisational communications in often unpredictable and constantly evolving environments. His interests lie in the developing world, where the aim of his work is to be instrumental in change by bringing contemporary issues, like poverty, food security, marginalisation, gender, equality and associated health risks to a global audience. Sam has been commissioned by organisations like RedR India; Oxfam India; Save the Children; Christian Aid, UNICEF and UNDMT (United Nations Disaster Management Team) in South Asia.

Contemporary academic research interests are centered around ecological disaster risk reduction (Eco-DRR); ecosystem-based adaption (EbA), and associated mechanisms of resilience for agriculture globally, in response to an increasingly volatile climate. • Research investigates the hypothesis that some agricultural systems have the potential to provide Eco-DRR; EbA strategies in creating a self-regulating, productive, sustainable systems, providing ecosystem services, climate change mitigation and socioecological resilience.

Versed with the concept of risk, vulnerability, hazard and the working principles and practices associated with the disaster and development environment, Sam has combined his academia in disaster management, agroecology and food security with strategic communications to enable greater cognisance of the aid sector between all stakeholders; where by projecting the needs of the people which the aid and development sector aim to serve, making it a crucial aspect in lessening poverty by strengthening equality and increasing personal and community resilience.

All images, words and design by Sam Spickett.

Some items in Publication Design have multiple authors, i.e. news articles; multisectoral assessment and compendiums, and are hearby attributed to their respective agencies and organisations.

Pictures and Text have been reproduced with the kind permission of the respective agencies and organisations featured across the website.


Sam worked with Oxfam India on various short term assignments covering some of the worst emergencies that India had faced in recent years. Me and my team are really happy we had Sam with us during those critical times supporting us with photo-documentation. Sam was easy to work with and roughed it out with the rest of Oxfam India’s humanitarian team, in Assam during the conflict, in Odisha during Cyclone Phailin in 2013 and the flash floods of Uttarakhand. Not only do the photos capture that very challenging time for the people, but also in the most subtle way reflected the resilience of communities that were affected by the disaster. We were so pleased with the results of our humanitarian photo assignment, that if Sam is ever In India we would definitely like to use his talent to cover our programmes.
— Zubin Zaman, Regional Humanitarian Manager (Oxfam), Former Deputy Director, Oxfam India
Sam is a very motivated and diligent person who brings an eager positive attitude to his work. Always keen to learn, absorb, adapt and deliver, he is great to have on your team for assured results and outputs. A creative photographer, his passion and education should pave the path for many better opportunities, for which I wish him the very best!
— Tanaji Sen, Executive Director at RedR India


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